Kayaking on the Miño River

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

Sailing on kayaks is the best way to discover the natural secrets of the Miño river. River of flora and fauna in the wild state dotted by small medieval villages.

Verdeazul Aventuras specializes in organizing the best kayak routes along the river, aimed at groups of initiates, families and all those who simply seek to do something different and enjoy an unforgettable descent ...... You will repeat after having tried it. Discover a fun and refreshing way to spend a day with your friends by taking a kayak route, cross the waters of the Miño - natural border with neighboring Portugal - or rest in the sunshine on the river beaches with Verdeazul Aventuras.

Descent A Canuda

25 € / person - whole day

Description of the activity

Trail of 16 km in kayak that starts in the Park of "A Canuda" in Salvaterra and ends in Tui. We start from the encounter of two medieval cities that preserve intact their peculiar defensive architecture in the border that the river Miño marks with Portugal. We will enjoy a calm river with shores of abundant vegetation.
Duration:the tour takes place in 3 hours, ideal to spend the whole day, bathe and sunbathe on the river beaches.
Nivel de dificultad: low, recommended for families, school and all kinds of groups.

Descent O Cunquedo

20 € / person - half day

Description of the activity

A 7 km kayak trail that starts at the shore of Caldelas de Tui, at the foot of the Hot Springs Spa, runs through many beaches, river islands and the backwater of "Cunquedo" until arriving at the Arenero Beach, from which we will contemplate A spectacular panoramic view of two fortress cities, Tui and Valença do Minho.
Interest of the route: Natural landscape and historical. The Miño river marks the natural border with Portugal throughout our route. During the trip we will have opportunity to observe groups of wild ducks and herons that nest in the calm meanders of the river. From the river we will get a spectacular view of the two medieval cities that with their facing fortresses that will take us back to ancient times.
The point of contemporaneity is the nexus of the two countries through the international bridge designed and built by a disciple of Eiffel in the late XIX Century.
Ideal season for its realization: from March to October.
Duration: 11h 30min, half day.
Level of difficulty: low.

Descent The Rapids

30 € / person - half day

Description of the activity

A 6km kayak trail from the Sela (Arbo) train station to the As Neves train station. The rocky bed of the river accentuates in certain steps chains of waves and rapid unevenness. As we get closer to As Neves the vegetation makes its way through the rocks as well as long "pebble" tongues (pebbles) that form pleasant beaches on which to rest.
Duration: approximately 1h30, half day.
Level of difficulty: medium, recommended for groups looking for fun and white water.
Note: a minimum of 6 people is required to perform the activity, guided tour.

O Tamuxe

€ 20 / pers. Half day - 25 € / pers. whole day

Description of the activity

Way that runs through the estuary of the Miño River, we leave from the beach of Eiras (O Rosal) and we enter by the river Tamuxe. Landscapes of great beauty, with great sand and hundreds of different species of birds and reptiles that coexist in a sedimentary ecosystem. We can feel the saline breeze from the Atlantic.
Duration: two hours; Is done in half a day, but the beaches and views of the estuary are so impressive that you can go the whole day between baths, discover the islands, observe the coastal fauna ... and a well-deserved nap in a good shade.
Level of difficulty: low, very accessible..

COMBINED - Bike and Kayak, the perfect route.

30 € / person - 2 hours in Bike and 3 hours in Kayak

Description of the activity

Interest of the route::
It explores to the maximum the Valley of the Minho, begins by crossing its fields of cultivation and forests of riverside in the morning, from Tui to Salvaterra. Towards noon, we pick up the bikes and leave you the kayaks to return during the afternoon, downstream again to Tui. You will enjoy a quiet day in the middle of nature. You do not have to worry about anything, we take care of the transports and the equipment. Ideal for disconnecting a whole day!
Ideal season for its realization: All the year, but better if it does not rain.
Location activity: Valença - Monçao in Bicycle by the ecopist. When we arrive in Monçao, we cross the international bridge, leave the bikes and from the Spanish shore in Salvaterra do Miño, we embark on the kayaks (double canoes, unsinkable, safe and easy to handle) to our facilities in Tui.
Requirements: Do not suffer from diseases incompatible with practicing sport and swimming skills.
Level of difficulty: Low
Age of participants: Recommended from 8 years.
What does the price include? Transportation, equipment and guide.
What do I need ?: Comfortable, sporty clothes, important to wear on your feet suitable sports footwear for cycling, closed footwear type sneakers for the bicycle and footwear type flip-flops or sandals for the kayak. Highly recommended to bring sunscreen, hat, water, towel, and dry clothes for change.

Come with us. We have it all ready! Come to know a wonderful environment in the most healthy way.

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