Rafting descents

Rafting on the Miño river

Enjoy a unique and fun experience.

Begin with the fantastic waves of the Miño river. An activity for all that combines incredible natural spaces with high doses of action. Experience the adrenaline rush of a unique experience in whitewater. You will enjoy miles of pure emotion...

Verdeazul Aventuras specializes in descents aimed at groups of initiates, families and all those who simply seek to do something different and enjoy the whitewater ...... You will repeat after having tried it. Discover a fun and refreshing way to spend a day with the best rafting, cross the waters of the Miño - natural border with neighboring Portugal - or rest sunbathing on its river beaches with Verdeazul Aventuras

Frequent questions

Is it necessary to have experience to do rafting?
No, for most of our customers it is the first time. Each raft is run by a professional guide. The greatest skill you need is the ability to heed the guide's directions. The rest we will show you..
What is the minimum age to participate in this activity?
14 years. There is no limit to the maximum age, however you must be in good physical condition.
What equipment does Verdeazul provide?
We provide helmet, shovel, neoprene suit and vest.
What happens if it rains?
You get wet ... ... a little sooner than anticipated. We raft rain or shine. Rafting is one of those sports in which you are soaked from the start until you finish the activity. Be part of the game, anyway, in the neoprene suit, you do not know!

Rafting descent

Description of the activity

Interest of the route:
Natural, ethnographic and historical. We will see innumerable fishing (unique stone constructions) many of them of the Roman time and located to both banks of the River Miño that penetrate in the channel and whose function is to catch different fish species, basically salmon, lamprey and tarpon.
Location start date: Arbo (Pontevedra)
Requirements: Do not suffer diseases incompatible with the practice of sport.
Age of participants:
It is recommended that from the age of 14, if there is a minor of this age must bring an authorization signed by a tutor.
What I need?
Sports shoes or closed sandals (it is important a comfortable footwear that you catch the foot well), spare footwear, swimsuit and towel.

Ideal season: from March to October.
Duration:Uptime: 4 hours. Time in the water: 2 hours.
Level:II-III Medium - Low.
Price: 35€ per person. A minimum of 6 people is required to book the activity, guided tour.

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