The road to Santiago

Responsible and committed experiences with the peoples.

Tui is the main entrance of the road to northern Galicia. Its fluvial port was one of the most important of Galicia in traffic of goods from Portugal, Flanders, England, etc, until the seventeenth century.

The eco-tourism or Green Tourism gathers part of the expectations that puts the traveler in approaching the culture of the towns. If you are looking to re-discover Spain from its traditions and variety of landscapes, if you feel the natural environment close and you commit to its conservation in Verdeazul Aventuras you will find a different way to enjoy your time immersing yourself in the most authentic Galicia; the road to Santiago.

Service of foot and bicycle guides for the French, Portuguese and La Plata roads to Santiago de Compostela. We are aware of the important role that a guide plays in interpreting the historical and natural heritage of our lands.

The Camino de Santiago on foot

Camino de Santiago on foot in a group

We offer a specialized service for tour operators and Tour Operators of groups with guide and assistance vehicle en route during the last 100 km of Camino de Santiago by the following routes: Portuguese Way, Via de la Plata (Sanabresa route) and Camino French. Our guides are local and know the traditions and the landscape in depth, they will make you feel part of Galicia and its culture.

- Companion guide during the whole trip
- Support vehicle
- Transfer of luggage during the stages.
- Pilgrim's credential.
- Individual accident insurance.

The Camino of Santiago on Bike

20€ Bike a day and 35€ for picking it up to Santiago.

Cross the Road to Santiago on a bicycle without worries. We assist you with our mobile workshop on the Portuguese Way (from Oporto to Santiago) and on the Via de la Plata (Camino Sanabrés from Ourense to Santiago).< br /> We solve en route faults involving the replacement of components (changes, tires, brakes, tires, chain, cables, etc ...). We provide you with a complimentary bike so you can continue the ride if your bike has no immediate fix. Visit our shop-shop in Tui, you will find spare parts, complements and you can make "tuning" your bike before continuing the Camino.

Bicycle rental service including precise itineraries of each route with logistical support along the way. Ask for a budget for the baggage service from Hotel to Hotel at each stage. We invite our customers to bring their own pedals and adapt them to our bicycles to make your path more comfortable. The bicycles will be delivered in our Base (Tui, Pontevedra) in perfect state of review, so it will be the responsibility of the users to maintain and care elementary in order to ensure a good use of them. Damages and damages attributable to improper use of bicycles will be the responsibility of the users.


Includes pockets, saddlebags, repair kit, padlock, multitools, tire changers, patches and inflation pump.


Law 43/1999, of 25 November, on the adaptation of traffic regulations to the practice of cycling: "drivers and, where appropriate, bicycle occupants will be obliged to use the protective helmet on long-distance lanes"

First aid kit

With complete content for first cure: Scissors, tape, bandages, tweezers, gloves, 4 cotton gauze, thermal sheet, triangular bandage with 2 nozzles, 2 rolls of bandage, alcohol wipes.
Sell Price: 15 euros

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