Hiking in Baixo Miño

Relax with a day of trekking in the middle of a quiet, cool and vibrant riverbank forest!

From Monte Aloia to the stretches of the Camino de Santiago, with our hiking routes you will be able to know all the historical border between Spain and Portugal, as well as discover sections of the Camino de Santiago Portuguese.

Remember that you can not forget comfortable walking shoes, comfortable sports clothes, a bottle of water, a cap, hat or something that protects your head from the sun and sun cream, so you do not burn your skin on the Sun.

They are part-time routes, at a price of € 20 per person and a minimum of 6 people to carry out the activity.

The Mills of the Tripes

Enjoy this route that follows the old path of the water mills. We will walk among vineyards, always accompanied by a leafy wet forest where species such as alders and oaks abound. ... this route is for you!

- Duration: 3 hours, half day.

- Level of difficulty: medium-low.

Medieval Xacobeo Road

You will take an unforgettable memory of Tui and its old town, we will cross the banks of the river enjoying the view of the fortified hill and its wall, we will be lost in its narrow alleys, by the jewish and the cathedral until arriving at the convent of Clarisas enclosed that They will delight us with their almond-shaped sweets. A luxury of homemade pastries! We continue the walk connecting with the Way of Santiago and the Via Romana XIX that communicated Braga with Astorga. What better broche to so much cultural baggage than a deserved rest at the foot of "Ponte das Febres".

- Duration: 3 hours, half day.

- Level of difficulty: low.

Walk up to Galiñeiro

From the surroundings of Monte Aloia we leave in the direction of O Arruído and O Galiñeiro, two peaks from which you can see an exceptional view of the valleys of La Louro, Miñor, and the extensive Bay of Baiona, which is pronounced inland. On a clear day, the view reaches Cabo Home, on the other side of the estuary, beyond the Cíes Islands. During the journey, through wide pine forests and low mountain will be easy to find with animals of grazing in freedom, goats, horses and cows of Galician race.

- Duration: 4 hours.

- Level of difficulty: medium.

Route of the Petroglyphs

Mount Aloia and its surroundings surprise us by the extensive and leafy of its forests and by the wealth of archaeological remains that confirm its settlement from pre-romanization times. It is the case of Alto de San Antoniño and the area of the petroglyphs, rock art that consists of a series of engravings made outdoors in granite rock whose chronology extends from the Bronze Age until well into the castrexa culture.

- Duration: 3 hours, has half a day to do it, the views from above are worth the walk.

- Level of difficulty: low, the firm is resolute and clear and the ascension is very, very progressive.

Come walk with us!

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